Great quotes of Evgeni, mostly collected from various interviews:

"Iím a wealthy man now. Iíve got a flat, a car, I have enough money to buy food. I skate to make the people happy. If somebody skates to earn money, I donít care. I skate for the people. Besides itís pleasant to supply Russia with golden medals."

"I skate for the fans. It's not as fun without them there supporting me. I get energy from them and I want to skate well for them. They relax me. They make me happy when I skate for them. I feel the Americans like me more and more each time I tour."

"Of course I want to skate well. Competition is very important to me, but fans are important too. If I skate well then I make the fans happy and I make myself happy. Everybody is happy."

"The most precious friends of mine are my fans. I thank them for supporting me at difficult times."

"I am not afraid of anybody. In addition, the most important thing - I am not afraid to lose."

"If I lose this season, (2001/2002) I don't care --World Championships, Europeans, Olympics -- I'm young and I can skate 10 more years. It's sport and I'm not like a robot, like a machine, like Terminator. I'm normal people."

"What worries me though, is that after all those victories people don't see me as a human being anymore. I am not a machine, I have a heart beating in my chest -not an engine, there's a blood in my veins- not an oil. I know pain and fatigue. I can lose but I will strive to win everything."

"I am not thinking about winning or medals. I just skate. I do what I have to do. If it goes well - thatís good, if not - then Iíll win next time. Last year (1999/2000) I had felt stress before every competition. I was overwhelmed with a desire to win and it was a mistake."

"My main competitor is myself."

"The main challange for me is myself. If I manage to control my emotions, if I will be able to abstract my mind away and focus on the way I'm skating, then everything is going to be ok. The point is to do all I have to do..."

"I always wanted to win and be first. It has changed. Now I compete with myself in a first place and only then with others."

"I try not to think about marks, the first place or gold medal. The most important thing is to show what you are capable of on ice. The rest will come on itís own."

"I can skate beautifully. While performing on ice I always try to please the audience and to win as well. Being artistic is very important to get the audience on your side, as for a competition, you can't win without strong technical content."

About the Biellmann spin:
" I am proud of it! I saw Biellmanís performance on TV when I just started skating at school. It was amazing! Especially her spin. It was a pure magic for me. I vowed to myself to do it someday. "

"I want to learn all kinds of quads. So far I did only one of them in competition - toe loop. I already land a few quads in practice but I would like to do all of them at competitions as well."

"I just adore jumping. I do the rest as it supposed to be done."

"At school I fought sometimes. Kids were saying that figure skating is sport for the girls. Then I had to prove them wrong."

"Victor Petrenko and I met at a competition, where I beat him completely accidentally. I felt so embarrassed in front of my idol"

"I just want to skate clean, then I'm happy."

"I didn't have a choice to quit skating, (as a child) I always wanted to help my parents financially. I am trying to forget this time in my life now."

"I think I was born to be a figure skater, I think it was fate, and I thank God for letting it happen."

About the Sex Bomb exhibition program:
"I like to play with the audience. Get them on my side. That number was very well received. All of a sudden I was called a "Sex Symbol" in figure skating. Itís funny! I definitely donít have any pretence to that."

About his family:
"My mother inspires me, she says "You must work harder, when you are not working hard, you won't earn anything" she did hint on on things wich I should do better. She helped me with evrything, she added nothing to my technique but she inspired me."

"It is not a presure for me (earning the money for his family) I really like it to help my parents because they helped me and helping me now, not with money but with evrything else."

"I have a big family: my parents, sister, niece...I help them, because nobody works in my family. I told them: "You've worked off!" They gave me much, that's why I want them to relax."

About Coach Alexei Mishin:
"I came to Mishin to Leningrad when I was 11 years old. Yes, I did have all the triples- from toe loop to axel, but you could only call them triples. There was no technique, no right execution. Only my natural ability to jump high. That was Mishin who made me a World Champion. "

"He's the best coach, not just the best for me but the best coach in the world."

"If you want to express that in percentage than it is 100% I need him evryday at evry practice, without him I would be no one. He is a very good coach and a wonderful person, he helps me with evrything not only at practice but also in life. He is advising me what is better and what is not good, simply at evrything he helps me, without him I would be nothing."

About Timothy Goebel:
"He isn't artistic, his jumps are perfect."

About Alexei Yagudin:
"We are rivals on the ice. Off the ice we are not the closest buddies, but we are friendly enough. There are rumors that we are fighting, but it's not true. We are fighting only on the ice."

"He is a good guy and a good skater. Amazing skater! But there is a lot of tension between us, he wants first, I want first."

Wich skater admires he?
"Well, jumpwise, that would be Timothy Goebel. He jumps very well, and has very nice jumps. In ability and strength, that would be Alexei Yagudin."

About being an idol:
"It needs responsibility. As I was little, Victor Petrenko was my idol. I wanted to be as good as him. Now we are friends but he always stays for me my idol und the No. 1 in figure skating. If someone says, Evgeni Plushenko went to an symbol, to an idol for him then I only can say, I am trying in the first place to be a human being."

Ideal skater?
"This one doesn't exist. The prettiest girl and the best car doesn't exist as well."

What does skating mean to him?
"It's everything for me. Without figure skating, I'm nothing. Some time ago, back in Volgograd, I tried to quit it a couple of times. If I haven't been skating for a week, for example, I didn't know where to put all of my energy, which I used to put into skating."

About what does he care most?
"About my parents' health."

"I don't want to talk about the future or try to outguess the future, I just want people to remember me."