Interview after Euros 2006

Interview August 2005

Interview January 2005 after European Championships

Interview December 2004 at GPF

Interview December 2004

Interview October 2004

Interview September 2004 (2)

Interview September 2004

Interview July 2004

Interview May 2004

Interview with Evgeni and Alexei Mishin - May 2004

Interview March 2004

Interview with Evgeni's mom "Mother of a Champion"

Russian tv show interview

Alexei Mishin about GPF and the new judging system

Interview December 2003

Interview November 2003 after Cup of Russia

Interview November 2003

Interview at the show of Irina Lobacheva and Ilia Averbukh Sept. 2003

Interview after the Russian skate test Sept. 2003

TV interview from "Naobum" Feb. 2003

TV Interview from "Inversija" in May 2003

Q&A with Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko

Interview after Worlds 2003, 1

Interview after Worlds 2003, 2

Interview at the Russian "Dnevnoy Express" tv show

"My life is the Sport and the Ice" March 2003

Interview June 2002 from "Pirouette"

Interview March 2002

TV Interview at the Olympics

Interview from Sportclub

Interview after Cup of Russia (Nov. 2001)

Interview from Izvesta

Interview with Alexei Mishin from Izvesta

Interview with Evgeni, his mother Alexei Mishin and David Avdysh (Feb. 2001)

TV interview before Worlds 2000

Fan questions

Fan questions to Evgeni

Fan phone interview


Plushenko’s rivals make a declaration of love

Evgeni is visiting a circus with his parents

Zhenya built himself an ice kingdom